Video Gallery of Featured Projects

Robotic Track System

The system is a storage cell with one Kuka Robot that picks product (boards) from infeed conveyor and stacks the boards into relevant stacking slot (according to the board size) within cell. Also, the robot can pick a board from relevant stacking slot and place on outfeed conveyor

Bottle Handling

The system is designed to depalletise a full layer of bottles from the pallet to the row stripper where a single row of bottles is stripped to a singulation conveyor which is then conveyed to the bottle trimmer.  Here the bottles are trimmed using a laser system.

Wrapping System

The system is designed to take pre-filled pallets from the palletiser system, convey them through a Lachenmeier Hooder and then convey them out for accumulation to be picked up by forklift in the warehouse.

Assembly System

A flexible insertion system using a robot to position the work piece on to tooling, parts are inserted using a servo press that also fully monitors the process. 

Fettling System

A cell for the purpose of fettling aluminium castings from a casting process. The cell involves two robots and peripheral equipment integrated together to automatically fettle castings of their flashing.

Automated Sewing

A fully automated system that applies binding to sample carpet edges. The system utilises a servo gantry that interpolates with the servo controlled sewing machine. The system also applies ribbons and labels automatically.

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