Automation Innovation is a world class special purpose machine builder. Through close partnership and collaboration we work with our customers to design, develop and deliver machines to suit all levels of need.  Our experience in different areas of manufacturing gives us the leading edge in the development of new manufacturing techniques.

With our extensive experience in Robotic Automation, we are positioned to help you implement any robotic needs you may have.  Using the latest simulation software, we are able to test an application before any equipment is built or assembled. Whether it is a simple labour reduction exercise, better product quality or to increase your output efficiency – we have the knowledge and experience that will take your project from concept to implementation.

Automation Innovation are able to offer a variety of tailored services to suit your business. Please browse through our services below.  Contact us to discuss the available options for your business today.


At Automation Innovation we are focused on the correct outcome for our customers. This is why we spend the time to discuss the issues that are affecting your business. We use this process to help guide us in the direction we need to take to ensure we find the correct solution for your needs.



After meeting with our team, the complex process of concepts and pricing will begin. Our team will deliver a detailed quotation, outlining the most suitable concepts and most competitive pricing. Depending on what it needed we can also complete a detailed design study, robot simulation and other consultative services.




Using the latest 3D design software, we will design your piece of automation with the greatest of care and detail. Every nut, bolt, cable and pipe is drawn in order to ensure that nothing is overlooked.  We also assess for part clashing and misalignment so at the end of the design process, we have a detailed complete set of drawings for you to approve for manufacturing.




To uphold our reputation in the automation industry, we only use quality products from  our key suppliers to ensure our overall product is of the best quality and workmanship.  Our engineering team will be hard at work sourcing parts and assembling your project until every aspect of the project is just right!



Once your project is built, it is ready to put to the test. Machine testing will occur in-house or on-site to ensure that your project is fully functional prior to hand over.


We understand how crucial safe transportation of your project is — this is why we use only the most highly reputable transportation services in Australia. Our machines are carefully packaged to add extra protection during transport.  Once the machine has arrived on-site, our install team will arrive shortly after to inspect, install and fine tune the project ready for training.


In the event of a machine break-down or scheduled maintenance, we have a team of highly skilled service technicians available to get your machine up and running with minimal down time. We also offer a scheduled maintenance contract at competitive rates to help maintain your investment. 

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