NEW: QF-Compact - Most Compact Laser Cleaning System Ever

Meet the new QF-Compact: the most compact laser cleaning system, ever. Now available for sale in Australia and New Zealand. The device is suited for rust removal, paint removal, mould cleaning and a wide variety of other industrial cleaning applications.


  • Lightweight
  • 50W and 100W
  • Industrial Design
  • Plug “n” Play
  • Easy to Control
  • 2D Scanning Pattern
  • Adjustable Setting
  • Wireless Creation Job
  • For manual use
  • Portable everywhere


  • Light and easy to carry 
  • Lower power system uses 240v only
  • Robust and is hard wearing
  • Switch on and use directly
  • Quick setup for new jobs
  • Gives you the most efficient use of laser power
  • Allow for full control for aggressive or gentle cleaning cycles
  • No need to use laptops. Programming on the fly from tablet.
  • Very flexible and universal
  • Easy to transport from location to location


1000W in action

P-Laser develops and produces the world’s most advanced Industrial Laser Cleaning Equipment for manual and automated use.

Precise, cost-effective and clean.

AUTOMATION INNOVATION is an exclusive agent for P-Laser Products. If you have an enquiry about Industrial Laser Cleaning Equipment, please request more information or call us on +61(3) 9771 7920

For further information on the P-Laser Industrial Cleaning Equipment range, please click here.

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