Industrial Laser Cleaning

P-Laser develops and produces the world’s most advanced industrial laser cleaning equipment for manual and automated use. 

Laser cleaning is precise, cost effective and environmentally friendly. We offer a range of low, medium and high-power lasers.

Automation Innovation is an exclusive agent for P-Laser Industrial Laser Cleaners

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Lasers In Action

500-2000 W Lasers

200-300 W Lasers

50-100 W Lasers



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Latest News

NEW: Laserpack LPC-100!


Laser cleaning, with everything you need strapped to your back? The Laserpack LPC-100 makes that possible!

Coming in at 13 kg and measuring 485 x 225 x 330 mm, it will be a solid competitor for years to come.

The QFC-200 & QFC-300 are versatile laser cleaning systems. It’s portable, and the extendable handle and wheels allow for a hassle-free transportation. 

With its interactive, state-of-the-art touch encoder, job selection has never been easier. As with every P-Laser system, 8 custom jobs can be selected with the rotatable wheel on the encoder.

If you want to edit one of these jobs with our own software Cleansweep©, a wireless connectivity and a tablet will be at your disposal. No more need for cables, we like to make your lives easier.

Other key features of the QF-Compact include a quick startup cycle of around 10 seconds and very low maintenance requirements. You will only need to replace the dust filter once in a while. 

NEW: QF-Arol

The QF-Arol is a magnetic robot, which allows you to clean metal structures vertically. Laser cleaning can now be used in even more applications! Check out the video here.

The QF-Arol solution will mainly target the business of large storage silos and large steel surfaces. The robot can for example clean the welding strip of the silos before performing the quality control of the weld.

Other applications are decoating or rust removal. This eco-friendly solution avoids the use of a high quantity of pressurized water or is replacing the traditional cleaning methods consuming high amounts of electrical energy.

NEW: QF-Compact - Most Compact Laser Cleaning System Ever

Meet the new QF-Compact: the most compact laser cleaning system, ever. Now available for sale in Australia and New Zealand. The device is suited for rust removal, paint removal, mould cleaning and a wide variety of other industrial cleaning applications.


  • Lightweight
  • 50W and 100W
  • Industrial Design
  • Plug “n” Play
  • Easy to Control
  • 2D Scanning Pattern
  • Adjustable Setting
  • Wireless Creation Job
  • For manual use
  • Portable everywhere


  • Light and easy to carry 
  • Lower power system uses 240v only
  • Robust and is hard wearing
  • Switch on and use directly
  • Quick setup for new jobs
  • Gives you the most efficient use of laser power
  • Allow for full control for aggressive or gentle cleaning cycles
  • No need to use laptops. Programming on the fly from tablet.
  • Very flexible and universal
  • Easy to transport from location to location