Industrial Laser Systems to Help You Clean with Unrivaled Control.

The world’s most advanced laser systems to help you clean with precision, ease, efficiency and without damage to the underlying surface.

How Does Laser Cleaning Work?

Laser cleaning works by ablating undesired material with a laser beam. By manipulating the pulse frequency and energy, the amount and type of material removed by a single laser pulse can be controlled with extreme precision. By absorbing the energy of the laser beam, the targeted material is heated very quickly, making it evaporate or sublimate. As the surface below does not absorb any energy, it stays untouched.

Laser Cleaning Applications

Laser’s are incredibly versatile and offer a wide range of cleaning solutions including but not limited to, rust removal, paint removal, degreasing, mould cleaning, weld cleaning and marking.  

Lasers In Action

500-2000 W Lasers

200-300 W Lasers

50-100 W Lasers



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Latest News

NEW: QF Compact!

The QFC-100 only weighs 13 kg and is our best general-purpose laser unit while remaining extremely versatile. Not only is it very portable, but the settings can easily be changed to suit many kinds of cleaning. The laser can clean anything from rust, paint, grease to smoke damage. It can even be used for laser etching of logos, pictures, etc.


NEW: QF-Arol

The QF-Arol is a magnetic robot, which allows you to clean metal structures vertically. Laser cleaning can now be used in even more applications! Check out the video here.

The QF-Arol solution will mainly target the business of large storage silos and large steel surfaces. The robot can for example clean the welding strip of the silos before performing the quality control of the weld.

Other applications are decoating or rust removal. This eco-friendly solution avoids the use of a high quantity of pressurized water or is replacing the traditional cleaning methods consuming high amounts of electrical energy.