Our Projects Consist of Custom Machinery, Manufacturing and Factory Robotics, Tooling and Automated Solutions. These machines were either built for a specific stand-alone function or integrated into the customer’s production line.

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This system uses robotic handling to fettle transmissions in the automotive industry. One robot moves the part through the system from the trim press, through the fettling stations, on to the laser marking and final outfeed. The second robot is dedicated to the fettling operation and uses a high speed spindle with specialised fettling tool bits to suit aluminium. This robot also uses ABB’s force feedback software to automatically account for slight differences in castings.


This system prepares carpet samples for display, by automating a number of processes in the one system. This starts by conveying the samples into a ribbon application system, where a robot folds ribbons around the carpet and glues the edges in place prior to sewing. A servo gantry then synchronises with the industrial sewing machine to edge bind the carpet, using vision and analog sensor tracking to make small adjustments on the fly. The thread is cut and the carpet is inverted and transferred to a label placement system where a flexible labelling head picks and places label on to the carpet after which they are bonded in place by a heat press.


Palletised loads needed to be wrapped for this plastics manufacturer with only a tight area in which to achieve it. Automation Innovation were able to integrate the existing lines, with conveyors and transfers, to convey the pallets through to Lachenmeier hooding machine. The hooder can provide a full seal sides and top down to the pallet, in lower cycle times, all whilst using less plastic than a traditional system.


Our bottle handling system takes pallets of blow moulded bottles and outputs cut and labelled bottles ready for fruit insertion. A depalletiser searches for and picks an entire layer of bottles from a pallet from the blow moulding line. Rows are then singulated using the servo driven vacuum pads to be conveyed through the labeller. After labelling, the bottles enter a laser cutting system that uses servo controlled turntables and spinning belts to perfect the cutting line on the bottles. Tops are scrapped and the bottles are conveyed away to be filled.


This assembly system for the automotive industry uses a robot to manipulate the part to position it part insertion. The robot positions the part ready for the servo press to push the various dowel pins and tubes into the casting. The servo press monitors insertion forces and positions to ensure conformance to the required tolerances. The robot also uses a float function to allow it to compensate for casting inconsistencies. This system is much flexible than a traditional multi press dedicated system as tooling can be changed over for other parts, and the robot can be programmed to change its positioning based on the new tooling.


A large storage system required a robot on a 20m track that stores and retrieves boards of up 12ft in length. Boards can be stored according to their size with the flexibility for the operators to use the intuitive HMI screens to choose the stacks. Boards are also retrieved on demand by operators as they require them. The system can stored around 1200 boards, and with the robot doing the heavy lifting, operators are spared, meaning safety is greatly improved.