At its core, the AiMC-1000 is the integrated design of a high-intensity laser cleaner combined with robotic automation, delivered in a 20ft container.

Manufacturers are looking for cost-saving measures, which the AiMC-1000 delivers. Not only in the reduction of cleaning and mould replacement costs but over large production volumes, the savings on glass used can be significant. It also allows manufacturers to move to a fully automated plant.

It is estimated that the return on investment for this system is between 12 to 18 months for an averaged sized plant.

The Situation

The current process allows surface contamination to build up, leading to potential quality issues with the final product and requires regular removal and maintenance.

Current methods of contaminant removal


Bead Blasting


Ultra Sonic (often using chemicals)


Dry Ice Blasting

Current methods of contaminant removal include bead blasting, ultrasonic (often using chemicals) or dry ice blasting, followed by a manual process to hand polish and re-machine the moulds to remove surface imperfections caused by the physical cleaning.

Estimates show that large manufacturers scrap up to $1 mil AUD worth of moulds per year as a result of these cleaning methods.

The Solution

The Automation Innovation robotic cell, designated AiMC- 1000, delivers superior results via a safer, chemical-free, repeatable mould cleaning process currently unattainable using conventional techniques.

It utilises a high-intensity laser light to clean the surface of the images, ensuring that only the surface contaminant is removed with minimal damage to the parent mould material.

Cost Savings
  • Reduction in labour costs
  • Ability to work 24/7
  • No additional materials or chemicals required
  • Increase daily volume
  • Lower replacement costs
Reduce OH&S Impacts
  • Reduce manual holding
  • Noxious fumes contained
  • Eliminated need for shot blasting media
  • Chemical Free
Quality Improvements
  • Consistency and repeatability
  • Logos remain crisp and clear
  • Mould growth eliminated

And it is a turnkey solution with easy installation at any site globally, with low overheads and power requirements and has industry 4.0 integration and reporting.

We have partnered with P-Laser to bring you the best in laser technology.

P-Laser wants to offer a greener, safer,
more efficient surface cleaning alternative.
They work hard to reach that goal by developing new technologies and challenging existing
surface cleaning methods.

3d Mould Scanner

AiMC-1000 utilises state of the art 3-D scanning technology with patented software algorithms that have been jointly developed with Siemens.

Cost Saving

Reduced OH&S Impacts

Quality Improvements

Turnkey Solution